Turning Our Knowledge Into Your Profit

Building and optimising fixed operations

We provide a next-generation style of consulting reflecting our values and practical, results driven approach combined with many years experience in telecom operational management, strategy and finance.

We understand different strategies and implementation choices because we have:

  • created fixed and mobile based businesses for others;
  • developed FTTX strategies at board level for operators such as STC – including millions of homes passed and billions of investment;
  • studied, and worked on implementing, the full range of business strategies, models and technologies from leasing dark fibre through to open access, from DSL to WiMAX, from GPRS to HSPA ;
  • invested in, and built, fibre based business for ourselves – including a 120,000 subscriber fibre broadband company in Sweden. This now passes nearly one million homes and delivers 100 mbps symmetric services to consumers.
  • carried out due diligence operations on businesses across fixed and mobile technologies;
  • developed expertise that means we now run workshops on FTTx, WiMAX and broadband business modelling and strategies (at FTTH Council Conferences in Europe and the Middle East, for the FTTH Forum, at ‘FTTX MEGNA’, ‘WiMAX MEGNA’, Broadband Congress and for operators in Oman, KSA, UAE etc);
  • led strategy development, commercial operations and technical assessment for next generation network operators;
  • built numerous business models for broadband operators – meaning we can apply global and regional benchmarks whilst understanding what the real business drivers are
  • experience of deploying ~20,000 kms of fibre